2. School Council

School Council

What Is A School Council?
​A School Council is a group of pupils elected by their fellow pupils to represent their opinions and raise issues with your head teacher and governors in the school. The School Council can also take forward projects on behalf of the pupils and be involved in planning days to raise money for our school and charities.

Who is the School Council?
School Council Members are from Years 2 to 4. The children vote for who they would like to be part of the school council from their class. Then two children from each class are elected. They are proud owners of School Council badges and enjoy meeting regularly to discuss how they can improve the school. 

Our Vision
As a School Council, our job is to listen to anyone and try to work on suggestions given.  We are all responsible members of our school who care about making the right decisions. We want everyone to be happy and to be as proud of our school as we are. We involve staff and children to help make the best decisions for our school.

School Council 2020-21


This year, we will continue to build on the successes of our fantastic School Council last year. We will continue to develop the garden in the quite area and work towards making our school the best it can be. 
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