2. Online Safety

Online Safety

ICT and the internet have become integral to teaching and learning within schools; providing children with many opportunities to improve understanding, access online resources and communicate with the world. Whilst this technology has many benefits, we recognise that clear procedures for appropriate use and education for staff and students about online behaviours, age restrictions and potential risks is crucial. In school we teach children how to stay safe online and what to do if they feel they have seen something that makes them unhappy. 

Whilst many Internet Service Providers offer filtering systems and tools to help you safeguard your child at home, it remains surprisingly easy for children to access inappropriate material including unsuitable text, pictures and movies. Parents are advised to set the security levels within Internet Explorer or other browsers with this in mind.

Turning On Google Safe Search

Online Safety forms an important part of our computing curriculum and all children learn about how to stay safe on the internet as part of their learning. 

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