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Transition to School

Transition into School
We are fortunate to be part of Wootton Lower School and work hard with the staff in the main school. In fact the Preschool is managed by Miss Wright, the Foundation Stage Leader, who leads the education of both the Preschool and Reception classes.  We therefore work closely with the Foundation Stage Teachers and moderate our judgements on assessment with them. We visit the Reception Classroom every half term, from the spring term, and participate in their learning. The Preschool has adopted many of the school Policies and Procedures to ensure a consistent approach as children travel through the school.
However, please note Parents and Carers will have to apply to Bedford Borough for a place in Wootton Lower School and are not guaranteed a position in the Reception Class. The main school follows the Admissions criteria set by the Authority and spaces are limited to 120 (see Wootton Lower School website for Admission Policy).  All paperwork will be distributed to the children in Preschool who are due to start school in the September and support can be given in the completion of these forms. If you have any concerns we encourage you to speak with the Foundation Stage Leader.
We will update this page regularly with tips and ideas to help you prepare your little one for starting school in September.