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RE at Wootton Lower School

At Wootton Lower School we believe RE should not only help children acquire and develop knowledge and understanding of Christianity and the other principal religions represented in the UK, but also help them to appreciate the way that religious beliefs shape everyday life and behaviour.

Foundation Stage pupils will be taught about key festivals and celebrations and that some places, including places of worship, are special to members of their community. Opportunities will also be woven into their learning to support them recognising that different people have different beliefs and celebrate special times in different ways.

Older pupils receive their Religious Education through weekly interactive and engaging sessions. Opportunities are also provided through celebration days and events, visits by people from different religious and cultural communities, and visits to different places of worship and places of local importance. Regular assemblies provide time for collective worship and reflection. In addition, key celebrations and important life events are celebrated in classrooms as they arise.

Whilst supporting pupils to develop their own understanding and beliefs, we foster a school-wide culture of tolerance and respect for those who are different to ourselves in whatever form that may take. Our RE curriculum gives all pupils opportunities to freely discuss and share their own thoughts, opinions and beliefs; acknowledging and respecting that these may differ from those of their peers and that this is positive. Pupil self-esteem is strengthened through opportunities to engage with those sharing similar beliefs, and through respectful discussion of differences.