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Year 2 News


Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year and enjoyed a fun filled day enjoying a range of activities. They sketched shells, collaged beach scenes, built sandcastles and even made their own ice cream. This week the children have written some fantastic recounts of 'The Snail and the Whale' and have been learning about human and physical features and have used maps to locate seaside locations.





Year 2 Summer News 2023

Soon to be final farewells...

Seashells have created awesome Rainforests out of cardboard boxes this week. If you ask them I am sure they will be able to tell you the names of the four layers of the rainforest as well as some animals or plants that have adapted to living there! 

I also want to take this time to say a massive thank you to both the Seashell's children and parents, it has been a wonderful year and you all will be missed! 


Puffins News...

Puffins have had a fabulous time over the last couple of weeks.  We have done DT projects, Sport's sessions (including Sport's Day), the Colour Run, and lots of creative pursuits like our fabulous shape pictures.  We have then topped it all off today with a visit to Bedford Road.  Time for a restful weekend I think!    

(If there are some strange faces on the last couple of pictures, it was when the Puffins were tasting the radishes they grew - I'm not sure they all loved them!)

Pufferfish's Fun Filled Activity Week!


Pufferfish had a totally brilliant activity week. They enjoyed designing, making and eating ice pops, felting, investigating colour with a painting challenge, cricket, sports day, brickies club where they created fabulous designs, drilling and sawing to make our nature garden beautiful and they created hilarious tongue twisters. Wow! How did we fit that much fun in one week. 

Lobsters get creative!

Lobsters have really enjoyed our DT lessons this term. We investigated a range of ice pops, looking at their packaging and nutritional values. We then taste tested two different flavours of squash before designing our own. Lobsters thought carefully about how to make it healthy as used no added sugar squash and fruit. The children really enjoyed tasting them afterwards! 

Seashells Activity Week 

Look at all of the many activities that we took part in last week...


Marvellous Marston Forest Centre 

Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Marston Forest Centre this week to learn more about local habitats. The children were able to identify and classify many creatures. We had lots of fun pond dipping, bug hunting and identifying leaves. All the children were beautifully behaved and were a credit to our school. Well done all! 

 They loved pond dipping and were chuffed with all their discoveries. The children caught tadpoles, baby newts, wiggly worms and even dragonfly nypmhs, to name a few. The meadows were overflowing with creepy crawlies, such as, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies and spiders. There was lots of squealing from the children! 

Also this week Seashells have helped to create our forest school area, creating homes for lots of minibeasts. This included snapping sticks, folding card, planting and watering. We hope this is a lovely place for our new wildlife.