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Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Year 2 have made a brilliant start to their new topic and have become scientists this week. We have looked at how materials change when they are added to water, investigated whether all materials will melt and even 'grew' our own ice. We discussed how liquids can change to a solid and the children really enjoyed making thier own ice pops this week. We have also made our own bread, estimating and weighing the ingredients accurately. The children had to answer the question 'Will the dough weigh the same after it is cooked?' See if your children can tell you our results. 

Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

Year 2 have had a fantastic end to the term learning all about structures and castles. The children have all demonstrated brilliant teamwork skills during the challenges they were given. These included making a paper tower strong enough to hold a heavy object, create tall and stable towers with a range of resources and finally to design and make their own castles. The children had to include a working drawbridge but were able to choose what other features their castles would have. They all worked incredibly hard together and have created some fantastic castles.