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Year 2 News 

What talented Puffins we have!  We have studied many famous artists in our topic learning and some of the children's recreations have been FABULOUS. Well done all.

Take a look at some amazing work's of art that the children have completed during our Movers and Shakers Topic. Here the children are recreating word from Vincent Van Gogh, Charlie Mackesy and Banksy. How impressive!

Sensational artists here in Seashell’s class!

Amazing artwork from the Lobsters. 

Perfect Pufferfish Paintings and Other Artwork!

Christmas is coming...

Yet more excitement!  Year 2 have had an amazing time this week on our fabulous theatre trips.  The children were so excited to see the play and the activities afterwards were a bonus.  

Exciting Firefighters Visit


Year 2 were lucky enough to have the fabulous Bedford Fire Brigade visit us a few weeks ago. The children all enjoyed learning how to stay safe if a fire was to happened and how important it is to check your smoke alarms once a week! They were very excited to look around the fire engine as well as squirt the hose! 

The Big Burn!

Thank you so much for the AMAZING (and in some cases, very big) houses for the Great Fire of London Big Burn.  Everything went off well and the children could clearly see how flamable houses that were too close together was a recipe for disaster back in 1666!


Year 2 have had an amazing first term learning all about features of the coastline and retelling the story of 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.' To finish off our topic the children worked incredibly hard, creating their own lighthouses from clay. They thought carefully about how to mould and shape the clay and finished off their lighthouses added detail with paint. Don't they all look amazing? 


Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year and enjoyed a fun filled day enjoying a range of activities. They sketched shells, collaged beach scenes, built sandcastles and even made their own ice cream. This week the children have written some fantastic recounts of 'The Snail and the Whale' and have been learning about human and physical features and have used maps to locate seaside locations.

Save the Rainforest!

Year 2 have been working hard on their topic 'Wriggle and Crawl' and learning so much about habitats around the world. After reading the story of 'The Great Kapok Tree' the children were outraged by the destruction that is happening to rainforests around the world and were inspired to write their own speeches about this which were amazing! 

The children performed these in various ways - they read to a partner, in front of the class, to the children in Year 1 and some children even read their speeches to the animals living in the microhabitats on our school field! 

Here are just a few of the incredible speeches. We are so fortunate to have such impassioned young people who will be the adults of tomorrow!


Visit from the Fire Service

Year 2 had a fantastic visit from the fire service. They spoke to us about fire safety and what to do if there was a fire and we even got to race Jack to see who could get dressed quicker. The children beat the fireman every time! 

The best part was getting to see the fire engine and use the hose. The children all had great fun using this and we all got a little bit wet! A big thank you to the fire service for a fun filled afternoon. 

Activity Week - Puffins

In Puffins, we have had a fantastic time with ALL of the fabulous events this week!  We've tried skateboarding, Indian dancing, food tasting, drumming and much more.  For the art and sport activities the Puffins have been brilliant showing all of our school values.  We even constructed some amazing bridges from paper. TOP NOTCH!

Activity Week - Pufferfish


Pufferfish have had a blast this week! All the children have loved trying out all the different activities on offer, such as skateboarding, food tasting, drumming, new art styles, Bollywood dancing, and a range of sports challenges to name a few. Every child has shown determination, positivity and teamwork throughout the week. Well done Pufferfish class you are the best!


Activity Week - Lobsters 

Wow what a busy week we have had! The children have taken part in so many activities this week and they have tried so hard with each and every task. We have been lucky to have so many outside agencies come in to teach the children new skills and they have listened well and shown respect to our guests. They have learned all about India and tried some Indian food, Bollywood dancing, new sports skills, skateboarding, looked at and played instruments from around the world and created some fantastic artwork. Well done Lobsters. Mrs Toms is very proud of you all.


Activity Week for Seashell's Class

Throughout the week Seashell's class have been taking part in a variety of activities. These varied from skateboarding, Bollywood dancing, team sports and even abstract art! Every child has learnt at least one new skill this week, if not many more! I am so very pleased with every child within Seashell's Class as they all took part in each activity showing the values of perseverance, team work, positivity and many more.  Miss Cain is a very proud teacher, well done all!


Trip to the Forest Centre 

Over the last two days, the Year 2 children have visited a local forest centre. This was the first school trip the children had ever been on and they were extremely excited the minute they sat on the coach. We arrived at the forest centre and took part in a bug hunt where the children had to use the nets to catch minibeasts in the long grass, as well as carefully shaking trees to see what would fall out. After this the children did a spot of pond dipping. They managed to find water scorpians, red spiders, newts, a tiny fish and many other small creatures. It was lovely to see how happy and enthusiastic the children were. Our last activity was a woodland walk to spot a range of leaves and trees. All children were very well behaved and it was a pleasure to take the children out for the day. 





Year 2 become puppeteers! 

We have had great fun this week investigating puppets. The children looked at different materials and joining techniques to find out what would be the best way to make their own puppet. They enjoyed looking at real puppets and then designed their own. Every child showed perseverance and positivity to sew their puppets and they have all done a brilliant job! 

Muck, Mess and Mixtures

Year 2 have made a brilliant start to their new topic and have become scientists this week. We have looked at how materials change when they are added to water, investigated whether all materials will melt and even 'grew' our own ice. We discussed how liquids can change to a solid and the children really enjoyed making thier own ice pops this week. We have also made our own bread, estimating and weighing the ingredients accurately. The children had to answer the question 'Will the dough weigh the same after it is cooked?' See if your children can tell you our results. 

Towers, Turrets and Tunnels

Year 2 have had a fantastic end to the term learning all about structures and castles. The children have all demonstrated brilliant teamwork skills during the challenges they were given. These included making a paper tower strong enough to hold a heavy object, create tall and stable towers with a range of resources and finally to design and make their own castles. The children had to include a working drawbridge but were able to choose what other features their castles would have. They all worked incredibly hard together and have created some fantastic castles.