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Year 2 News

Year 2 become puppeteers

Year 2 have worked very hard creating their very own puppets this half term. They investigated a range of joining techniques and decided that sewing would be the strongest. The children carefully designed a puppet and showed determination and perseverance to sew the fabric together. It was very tricky but they didn't give up. The finishing touches were amazing and all the puppets look fantastic! Well done for all your hard work. Enjoy playing with them! 

It's all go go go in Puffin Class!

The photos are finally here.  Our lovely Puffins finished one topic with some fabulous castle building and started the next by investigating what happens when you make bread.  We've also slipped in some photos of the Easter bunny run, mad hair day and the visit of local firefighters.    Let's see what else this term brings...

Pufferfish Class

So far this half term, Pufferfish have enjoyed being scientists! They have learned all about density and how certain liquids can differ in this area. The children were shocked to find out that oil sits on top of water because it is less dense. How strange!

The children also carried out a fun experiment to see if dough weighed more or less after being cooked. We had lots of interesting predictions and several children were correct in their thinking. Everyone loved twisting, squashing, bending and kneading the dough before it was cooked, even though the mixture was very gooey!

When thinking about fire safety the children have been taught never to play with matches, to leave a building immediately if fire is detected and to call 999 in an emergency. The children were very sensible and asked well thought out questions. The fun side of the afternoon was definitely playing with the fire engines hose.  

Seashells Benchball 

Over the last two weeks Seashells have loved playing Benchball within PE. They have tried really hard at mastering skills such as defending an opponent, chest passes and communication. We even had a go at silent benchball this week where each player had to make it known that they were free to receive the ball through physical actions as opposed to verbal phrases. Also I am very proud of each and every one of them as they are now great team players who shake hands and congratulate the opposing teams. 

Lobsters become scientists

 Lobsters have had a great start to our new topic Muck, Mess and Mixtures. They have enjoyed finding out about materials and how they can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and pulling. They put these skills to the test when making their own bread rolls. The children made predictions about how much the dough would weigh when it was cooked and some were surprised to find out it weighed less. Ask them why this is! They have also enjoyed investigating the density of liquids using water, oil and food colouring. They enjoyed watching the oil float to the top and the food colouring move through the oil into the water! Great work Lobsters. 

Puffins - World Book Day

A wonderful end to a fabulous week.  World book day was great fun with super costumes!

Exploring the History of Warwick Castle with the Puffins

What an adventure we had on Tuesday!  The children were amazing at Warwick castle and spotted so many castle features that I lost count.  We did get a little lost in the maze (well I did anyway) but the whole day was splendid.  The children all decided which Castle job they would want and some even chose the 'Gong Farmer'. Yuk!  If you are not sure what that is, ask the Puffins.

Seashells trip to Warwick Castle

Seashells had an amazing day at Warwick Castle where they learnt about the medieval times. The children learnt about the job roles that occurred within a castle, went to watch a birds of prey show and witness a real life bowman in action. The children's comments throughout the day were lovely to hear and it truly was a superb day out! They know lots of facts now, be sure to ask them as they will be writing a recount on their trip next week.

Lobsters trip to Warwick Castle 


We were very lucky to go on an amazing day out to Warwick castle to learn more about life in the past. The children enjoyed listening to the bowman explain how to improve your aim, learn all about the different jobs on our Castle Life tour as well as explore the maze, climb the very steep steps of the castle and watch the bird show. It was a fun, filled day out for all! 

Warwick Castle - Pufferfish Class

Pufferfish children experienced a fabulous day out at Warwick Castle. We were blessed with super weather which allowed us to enjoy our visit. The children loved the coach journey, maze experience, battlement walk, birds of prey display and castle tour activity to name a few. Pufferfish wowed me with their castle knowledge, so be sure to ask them a question about their visit. 

A great start to 2024 - Fabulous Puffins

What a group of superstars!  We have had a wonderful start to the year in Puffins.  Great fun was had by all when we investigated what makes us all unique.  The fingerprinting was very interesting.  Since then we have been learning all about Inspirational figures in history.  

Our bulbs also survived the Christmas break and we have been monitoring them closely as you can see. They have now been planted outside the classroom window.  Fingers crossed that they will survive the move outdoors!

I am so very proud of the hard work that every Puffin is putting in.  Keep it up - you are all doing brilliantly!

Pufferfish Class

Pufferfish class have had a superb start to the year as all the children have such as positive attitude towards their learning. The children are full of knowledge about the lives of inspirational people such as Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King Jr, Greta Thunberg, Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges to name a few.

In our Science lessons, the children have been learning about the life cycle of humans and why bulbs do not need to be planted in soil to start growing. We are lucky to have lots of super Scientists in our class!

During one of our lessons we had to set ourselves a class goal and Pufferfish chose to learn a funky version of the Macarena dance. As you can see the children loved it! 

Our current challenge is to remain at the top of the TTRockstars scoreboard this week. Pufferfish you have got this!

Seashells Computing Lesson

Seashells have been busy learning about the artist Piet Mondrian - they all created great pieces of abstract art. 

Following this Seashells have been determined to reclaim their spot in second place within our TTRS Battle. Let's see if we can remain there this weekend. I believe in you Seashells!

The Big Burn

Year 2 have thoroughly enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and were very excited to recreate the fire in Pudding Lane this week. The children all created some fantastic houses using different joining techniques and had great fun watching them burn. Well done! 

Amazing Puffin's Super Start!

We have had such an amazing half term....

We have done Science, DT, orienteering, learning more and more about coasts, stories, games, times tables and we have even managed to squeeze a treat in for getting over 1000 DOJOS!

All of the children have earned a fabulous rest so they will be ready to start their new challenges! 

Super Lobsters

Lobsters class have had a brilliant first half term in Year 2. They have really enjoyed learning about plastic pollution and how we can raise awareness to protect our sea creatures. They have made some amazing sculptures from plastic. 

The children have also enjoyed reading 'The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch' and have written some superb retells of this. We have also made our own lighthouses from clay. Keep up the hard work Lobsters. 

Sensational Seashells! 

Seashells have had an amazing first term in Year 2. They have learnt lots of new vocabulary linked to Science and Geography, such as how we know animals are alive: respire, excrete, reproduce, senses or the features of a coastline: stack, cliff, harbour, ect. They have all shown incredible determination to achieve their best in every lesson. I am very proud of each and every one of them.

Perfect Pufferfish have enjoyed a lovely first half term learning all about coastlines. They have learned about the oceans, continents, lighthouses, different coastal features as well as lots about pollution when we investigated how certain products did or did not degrade in salty water. The science experiment demonstrated how pollution is destroying our planet and the children felt very strongly about this, so they wrote a persuasive letter addressed to the Prime Minister, campaigning for change. All of the children have produced some super work and they have shown respect and perseverance too. Well done Pufferfish! 


Year 2 have had a fantastic start to the school year and enjoyed a fun filled day enjoying a range of activities. They sketched shells, collaged beach scenes, built sandcastles and even made their own ice cream. This week the children have written some fantastic recounts of 'The Snail and the Whale' and have been learning about human and physical features and have used maps to locate seaside locations.





Year 2 Summer News 2023

Soon to be final farewells...

Seashells have created awesome Rainforests out of cardboard boxes this week. If you ask them I am sure they will be able to tell you the names of the four layers of the rainforest as well as some animals or plants that have adapted to living there! 

I also want to take this time to say a massive thank you to both the Seashell's children and parents, it has been a wonderful year and you all will be missed! 


Puffins News...

Puffins have had a fabulous time over the last couple of weeks.  We have done DT projects, Sport's sessions (including Sport's Day), the Colour Run, and lots of creative pursuits like our fabulous shape pictures.  We have then topped it all off today with a visit to Bedford Road.  Time for a restful weekend I think!    

(If there are some strange faces on the last couple of pictures, it was when the Puffins were tasting the radishes they grew - I'm not sure they all loved them!)

Pufferfish's Fun Filled Activity Week!


Pufferfish had a totally brilliant activity week. They enjoyed designing, making and eating ice pops, felting, investigating colour with a painting challenge, cricket, sports day, brickies club where they created fabulous designs, drilling and sawing to make our nature garden beautiful and they created hilarious tongue twisters. Wow! How did we fit that much fun in one week. 

Lobsters get creative!

Lobsters have really enjoyed our DT lessons this term. We investigated a range of ice pops, looking at their packaging and nutritional values. We then taste tested two different flavours of squash before designing our own. Lobsters thought carefully about how to make it healthy as used no added sugar squash and fruit. The children really enjoyed tasting them afterwards! 

Seashells Activity Week 

Look at all of the many activities that we took part in last week...


Marvellous Marston Forest Centre 

Year 2 went on a fantastic trip to Marston Forest Centre this week to learn more about local habitats. The children were able to identify and classify many creatures. We had lots of fun pond dipping, bug hunting and identifying leaves. All the children were beautifully behaved and were a credit to our school. Well done all! 

 They loved pond dipping and were chuffed with all their discoveries. The children caught tadpoles, baby newts, wiggly worms and even dragonfly nypmhs, to name a few. The meadows were overflowing with creepy crawlies, such as, grasshoppers, butterflies, dragonflies and spiders. There was lots of squealing from the children! 

Also this week Seashells have helped to create our forest school area, creating homes for lots of minibeasts. This included snapping sticks, folding card, planting and watering. We hope this is a lovely place for our new wildlife.