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Year 3 News

Wonderful Weaving

Our art lessons for this half term consisted of a textiles project focusing on weaving.  We initially discussed the use of colour and texture and the decisions that artists make before designing a wool weaving inspired by an 18th century artist, William Turner, who painted the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. We planned and designed a background for which we carried out some wool winding using carefully selected colours before weaving pieces of textile onto our art to add effective detail and decoration.

Touch Typing with Porpoises

Porpoise class have started their latest computing unit of learning on touch typing where we are learning the quickest and most efficient way to touch type. The children have shown great perseverance in improving their touch typing speed and completing challenges.

Octopus Class

All of Octopus Class have been working really hard on their live news reports. They have been stepping into the shoes of a reporter and reporting on the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79AD.  Here are some of the fantastic news reports they have performed. Thanks for listening, I'll be back soon with the latest headline!


Stingrays class are enjoying learning to touch type in their computing lessons.  The children are trying to master holding their fingers in the correct starting positions, and then finding the letter keys quickly!  We use Purple Mash to practise this, and lots of the children have been keen to keep practising at home too... who will have the fastest fingers?!    

Evacuee Day

On Friday 2nd December Year 3 enjoyed a day of exciting activities as part of our World War 2 topic. The children came to school dressed as evacuees and participated in a range of exciting lessons. The children learned about Morse code and had a go at cracking some codes of their own, they investigated genuine artefacts from the 1940s, made their own WW2 Christmas decorations and completed their DT learning by making their very own vegetable turnovers. A fantastic day was had by all and the children went home full of enthusiasm!

Swordfish Class have been improving their dictionary skills to support their guided reading this week.  Locating words in a dictionary and thesaurus is beneficial to spelling and widens the vocabulary within writing.  

Science in Porpoises

Porpoises have been enjoying their forces and magnets Science topic and have been learning all about contact & non-contact forces, friction and magnetism. They have all been great scientists and have enjoyed working scientifically. Check out images from some of their investigations below.

Stingray's Gymnastics

Stingrays loved their gymnastics lesson this week.  They showed great skills with balance and control and all enjoyed 'being the teacher' and helping each other to create controlled positions.  Well done Stingrays, amazing PE!

Octopuses in PE

Octopus have had great fun in PE this half term and have been taking part in netball outdoors and gymnastics indoors. Below are some pictures of children from Octopuses developing their agility, coordination and flexibility in a gymnastics lesson.

Swordfish Scientists 

Swordfish have been comparing how things move over different surfaces.  The conducted a ramp investigation and timed how long it took for a car to travel over the different surfaces.  All ramps had the same ramp.  The children found out that the rougher the surface of the ramp, the stronger the friction and therefore the slower the movement of the object.  All children worked excellently within their groups.  They are keen to see how different surfaces are used in every day life.   

Stingrays - Science

Stingrays are loving all the activities in Year 3.  This week they have been investigating forces as part of our science learning.  The class found out about contact and non-contact forces and went outside to put their ideas into practise! Mrs Parmenter was very impressed with how the children answered scientific questions and shared their knowledge of pushes, pulss, gravity, friction and air resistance!

Year 3 Natural History Museum Trip

Year 3 had a fantastic time on our trip to the Natural History Museum in London. Impeccably behaved, the children represented us as a school and a community brilliantly. It was wonderful to see the children making links to what they have been learning about in their topic and Science lessons whilst also experiencing awe and wonder for the natural world. 

Please scroll through the gallery below to see what we got up to.

Activity Week in Swordfish 

Wow! What an awesome week!  Swordfish have loved all the sports activities at the start of the week.  Congratulations to Porpoises for winning the interclass competition.  Swordfish have embraced skateboarding and dance with enthusiasm.  They have showed super rhythm in the music session.  Today we have been learning first aid.  They listened and contributed  sensibly and understand DRAB  and were able to put each other in the recovery position.  As you will see, there was lots of laugher in the bandages session!  Fabulous teamwork skills were displayed in the bridge building session.  The most successful bridge could hold 1800grams!   Well done Swordfish,  we have had the most amazing time. 

Skateboarding Stingrays!

What a week we are having! Yesterday Stingrays had so much fun trying skateboarding!  Mrs Parmenter could not have been prouder of their amazing bravery and perseverence.  They showed incredible teamwork and were amazed when they were performing tricks and skating across the playground by the end of the session.  The huge smiles on their faces said it all!  Well done Stingrays you were amazing! 

Activity Week in Porpoises

See below a selection of photographs of the children totally immersed in the variety of activities on offer during Activity Week. Outside of the classroom, the children have taken part in various sporting activities, drumming, dancing and skateboarding whereas inside the classroom they have had investigations and projects to explore and experience. What a week we have been having!

Ancient Egyptian Day

There were lots of fabulous costumes on display during our Ancient Egyptian Day. The children looked fantastic and continued to immerse themselves into learning about this amazing period of history. Fun was had all round!

Periscope Fun

Stingrays class enjoyed using their knowledge of light and mirrors to build their own periscopes this week.  Mrs Parmenter was super impressed with the patience and perseverance they showed as they followed instructions to build the persicopes.  Everyone had great fun spying round corners and over objects!

Year 3 News

Stingrays Class have been enjoying investigating shadows this week.  We learned how shadows are formed and then investigated what might cause shadows to change direction and size.