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Year 3 News

British Museum Trip

Please find below a gallery of Year 3's recent adventure at the British Museum exploring Ancient Egyptian artifacts! Our pupils immersed themselves in the wonders of history, marveling at the intricate relics and unraveling the mysteries of an ancient civilization. From mummies to hieroglyphs, each artifact sparked curiosity and ignited imaginations. It was a day filled with learning, discovery, and unforgettable moments. Huge thanks to all the staff, parent volunteers and financial contributions which all made this enriching experience possible.

Swordfish are ready for the Maypole! 

Swordfish have been busy rehearsing for the Maypole! We are looking forward to seeing you at the fayre! 

Stingrays love their Mummies!

Stingrays had great fun making replica mummies.  They had to carefully follow a set of instructions to create a mini Ancient Egyptian mummy!  Well done Stingrays, your mummies are marvelous!

Spooky Mummies

Octopus Class have enjoyed following instructions on how to make replica mummies from Ancient Egyptian times.

World Book Day with Octopus Class!

Octopus Class loved their World Book Day! They looked fantastic in their costumes and thoroughly enjoyed showcasing their outfits on the catwalk.

Stingrays love Geography!

Stingrays class are loving their Geography based topic 'Floating to France'.  They have been learning all about rivers, and showed off their knowledge by working in teams and creating labelled models of rivers.  As you can see, they were very proud of their super work!

Sporty Stingrays!

Stingrays Class are really enjoying their PE lessons this term.  They are loving learning Tag Rugby skills and are really showing their sporting expertise.  They are working really well in teams and have impressed Mrs Parmenter with their perseverance, enthusiasm and resilience.  Smashing PE work Stingrays!

Stone Age Day!

Year 3 went back in time to the Stone Age to learn more about this period of history. We spent the day taking part in 4 different activities: learning how to grind grain using our rock tools, taking part in a Stone Age shoe challenge, making a Bronze Age inspired clay pot and playing a fun, Stone Age themed board game. We then had time throughout the day to watch The Croods. We all had such a great time and the costumes on show were particularly impressive! Well done Year 3! See what we got up to in our gallery below.

Super Stingray Scientists!

Stingrays class are loving their science unit - Forces and Magnets!  They had such a lot of fun using the outside area to investigate pushes and pulls and contact and non-contact forces.  Super science work Stingrays!

Majestic Mammoths! 

What a fantastic half term Swordfish have had! We have particularly enjoyed making our woolly mammoths to help us with our instruction writing. We have also enjoyed our stone age art to resemble cave paintings! Lots of creative ideas! Excited for the next term! 

Imaginative Instructions!

Octopus Class have enjoyed using imperative verbs and prepositions, giving instructions to each other, to wash some very dirty toys!  They have used their knowledge of instruction writing to create their own woolly mammoths. Look out, the herd is approaching!

Mighty Mammoths!

Stingrays are loving learning about Woolly Mammoths as part of their English work.  They have been reading the text 'How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth', and using it to inspire their instructional writing.  They practised recognising imperative verbs and prepositions within instructions, and even tried following instructions to built their very own woolly mammoths!  As you can see, they were very pleased with the results!

A splendid start for Swordfish! 

Swordfish have had a smashing start to Year 3! They have been working incredibly hard and Miss Wallsworth is very impressed with all their hardwork and creativity! Swordfish displayed some lovely teamwork during their school Values Day! Swordfish have also shown lots of hard work during their English learning and have used some terrific adjectives in their Stone Age writing!

A great week for Octopus Class!

The new Octopus Class have had a wonderful first few weeks back at school. They have been working hard and achieving lots! Miss De Little and Mr Rayner are impressed with their learning so far. The children have been showing great concentration and precision during their texture artwork this week.

A smashing start for Stingrays!

Stingrays class have had super start to Year 3.  Mrs Parmenter has been so impressed with their positivity and hardwork.  The children are enjoying getting to grips with their new class and school site and have all shown incredible enthusiasm for Year 3 learning.  Today they had a go at playing the glockenspiels... it was quite tricky to follow the notes, but everyone had lots of fun practising.  Mrs Parmenter was very pleased with the way the children shared the instruments and encouraged friends to keep trying.  We are already looking forward to our next music lesson! 

Year 3 Summer News (2023) 


All in a sleigh's work!

Year 3 Snozone Trip July 2023

Year 3 had snow much fun on our trip to MK Snozone.  We learnt all about polar regions and how to survive in these extreme areas before launching ourselves down the slope on our sleds. Great fun was had by all and it was a thoroughly enjoyable end of year trip. Check out the gallery below.