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What a fantastic start to Reception!

The children have had an amazing first few weeks in Reception. They have enjoyed exploring their classrooms and outdoor area while making lots of new friends. The pictures below show just a handful of some of the different activities the children have been getting up to. We have enjoyed spending these first few weeks getting to know the children and helping them settle into school life.

We have started to look at comparing numbers 1-3 in Maths and looking at all the different ways you can make 3. For the next few weeks, we will focusing on recognising, ordering, sequencing and comparing numbers 1-5.

We have been looking at the story ‘Pumpkin Soup’ and have started to learn about Autumn and harvest. This week we will be learning about different fruit and vegetables and making some vegetable soup to help warm ourselves up as the weather starts to turn colder. 

The Last Week of Reception 

Wow - what a week! We started with a few scorching days and introduced our Superworm topic for the week. The children were all so excited to then visit Salcey Forest and go on the Superworm trail. It really was a lovely day with lots of choice of forest school activities, from bow and arrow making out of sticks to drinking hot chocolate around the fire. It was such a wonderful experience to be out amongst nature and all of the children were in their element. There was some excellent team work building dens and rocking one another in the hammock. Needless to say there were a lot of tired legs by the end of the day and some very sleepy children! 

We also enjoyed our end of term teddy bears picnic on the field and getting to make our own sandwiches. No one can complain about having 2 lunches in one day! 


We would like to thank our wonderful reception children and all of their families for such a fabulous year. We have loved getting to know you all and seeing the progress each and every one of you has made this year. Wishing you all a fun and safe summer holidays and we will see you all in September. 

Activity Week!

What a fantastic, busy week we have had in Reception! The children have loved being off timetable and taking part in some brilliant activities. We have been learning a line dance routine, making jam tarts, creating some beautiful art work and we all became mini first aiders learning how to look after ourselves and friends if they got hurt. We got to experience playing some percussion instruments from all around the world and making some funky rhythms for our peers to copy. Scootering was lots of fun and we all got to learn some new tricks and skills with our friends. Sports day was fantastic! Everyone showed great teamwork and sportsmanship towards their peers. While all of this excitement was going on, our caterpillars have now made their cocoons and we are now waiting patiently to see our butterflies come out very soon... I know a few started to come out while we were all out on the field for sports day!

The photos will help to show you further how exciting our week has been... there are a lot to share with you all.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar 

We have had some very small guests arrive in Reception this week as the children have been learning about the life cycle of a caterpillar. We shared the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and have started to make our own butterfly books which we will be finishing next week. The caterpillars arrived on Thursday and we are very excited to watch them grow and changes into butterflies.


Also this week we have been doubling numbers to 10. We played a doubling game with dice and had to work with a partner to roll as many doubles as we could in 3 minutes. Some children really got involved and enjoyed the competitive side of Maths! 


Next week we continue our learning about caterpillars and will be using objects to find half of a number. 


A Royal Celebration!

The focus for much of our learning this week has of course been the forthcoming Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  So as well as improving our reading and writing skills and having fun practicing our subtraction and addition knowledge, there has been much red, white and blue appearing in our classrooms! Flags, crowns, royal portraits and palaces have all been explored and created.

The royal jubilee picnic proved an exciting and fitting end to our busy week.  The Queen was thrilled to meet us all in our smart outfits and red, white and blue finery!

We hope you all have a lovely half term break with your children and we look forward to seeing them all again for the last term in their Reception classes.

Reception News

A 'Fruit-tastic' week in Reception!

This week in Reception we have been looking at the story 'Handa's Surprise'. We took a close look at the fruit that Handa had in her basket. The children got to have a feel and smell of each fruit, we looked at the inside of each fruit and then we carried out some observational drawings of them. We thought of some fantastic describing words for each fruit which we then used in our writing. As well as looking at fruit from the story, the children have enjoyed learning about Africa; where the story is set and coming up with similarities and difference between England and Africa. We will carry on learning more about Africa and looking at the story next week in more detail. 

In Maths we have been practicing working out addition sums using a number line and learning how to count on from a given number. We have seen some amazing work from the children and have been wowed by those who have started to work out addition problems in their heads! Next week we will be moving on to subtraction. 

 A short but busy week in reception.

Despite this week only being four days long, the children have been very busy.

After our trip to the bridge last week to look for the Troll, we have been thinking of words that describe a Troll and writing sentences containing these adjectives. The children said the Troll was smelly, disgusting, warty, green, ugly, wrinkled, scary and fierce. We have also been making our own trolls using junk materials. 

In Maths we have been extending on our knowledge of how bigger numbers are made up of tens and smaller numbers. We have learnt to represent numbers to 20 using two ten frames to show for example that 18 is one whole ten frame (10)  and 8. Some children have extended this further representing numbers beyond 20 on their ten frames. We have also been practicing counting to 100 in 10's. 

In Art we have been weaving this week. Jellyfish Class weaved fabric in and out of a large weaving frame, they then passed the frame on to Seahorses who weaved with different coloured fabrics and passed it on to Starfish who then passed it on to Sea Lions Class to finish it off. We are pretty impressed with our collective piece of art!

Our story next week is Handa's Surprise. In Maths we will be adding numbers, learning to add by counting on from the largest number.


Who's that Trip Trapping Over my Bridge? 

This week we read the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' and enjoyed a walk to a bridge just outside of school. We acted out the story at the bridge and the children really enjoyed getting into character. It was lovely to sit and sketch pictures of what we could see together. 

In Maths we learnt how to build numbers to 20 using Numicon; many of the children noticed the

pattern of 2-digit numbers. 


We look forward to our P.E lessons each week and the children are thoroughly enjoying learning a

to show the lifecycle of a butterfly through dance. 


Next week we will be using adjectives to describe the troll in Literacy. In Maths we will continue to

look at numbers to 20 but we will be representing numbers on a ten frame. 



Fantastic first 3 days back!

Reception have had a fantastic week back after the Easter break. We have been looking at the artist Jackson Pollock and producing our own paintings inspired by his work. In Literacy we have been looking at rhyming words and the children have thoroughly enjoyed playing the silly soup game. Your child should now be able to tell you a word that rhymes with hat, fox, pig etc. In Maths, we have been looking at shapes and how we can use two shapes to make a completely different one. They've enjoyed the challenge of how many shapes they could make cutting a rectangle in half and then using the two triangles. We were able to make a rectangle, diamond, two different triangles, a kite and lots of other abstract shapes. 

Next week we will be looking at The Three Billy Goat Gruff story and hope to take a walk behind the school to have a go at sketching bridges. In Maths we are looking at how to build numbers to 20 using Numicon. The children will learn that teen numbers are made using 10 and another number.

The Reception children have been learning the song 'Spring Chicken' for you to enjoy.