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Our Aims and Mission

Our Mission
Wootton Preschool provides a safe, happy and stimulating educational environment in which children are valued as unique individuals, supported by caring, experienced and qualified practitioners.
Learning through play and interaction in a place where they have empowerment over their environment, we promote an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement where children are prepared for their next steps in learning, so that they are happy, confident, creative, sociable and enthusiastic learners, who look forward to challenges.
A strong partnership between home and preschool is created, liaising closely with parents, other professionals and linking with our community.

Our Aims

  • To provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where each child can enjoy learning;
  • To provide opportunities and experiences where each child can acquire knowledge, develop concepts, skills and understanding and lay the foundations for the future
  • To nurture and develop every child to become responsible and caring members of the community
  • To provide for every child an enjoyable curriculum in a high quality, stimulating environment
  • To challenge, support and develop our staff to create an outstanding workforce
  • To acknowledge the role of parent/carers and to promote their involvement in preschool activities
  • To liaise with appropriate child care agencies to promote child welfare
  • To promote preschool learning as a vital part of child development.