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Year 1 News

Year 1 have had another great half term. The children have very much enjoyed our Geography when learining all about maps and creating their very own maps of our playground and our walk to the woods. They have also been busy in Art and making a wired bird sculpture inspired by artist Celia Smith. So many beautiful birds using paper curling and cutting techniques. Super work Year 1!

Year 1 Woodland Walk 


 The children went on a local walk to woods to see if they could find a Gruffalo ... unfortunately, we couldn't see a Gruffalo anywhere ! 

It was a lovely opportunity for us to decorate some woodland crowns with natural resources and we wore the crowns on the walk back to school. 




Year 1 Animal Edge

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their Animal Edge visit. They had the chance to cuddle a bunny, hold a guinea pig, stroke a chicken, brush a pony and feed some hungry goats!  A very busy morning that everyone enjoyed.


Year 1 World Book Day 2023

We have enjoyed a fantastic day in Year 1 and we were so impressed with the variety of different  costumes. A big thank you to everyone for your efforts!

In the classrooms we had a great time learning about the famous author and illustrator Eric Carle. We enjoyed sharing some of his stories - The Bad-tempered Ladybird, The Very Busy Spider, Slowly, Slowly, Slowly said the Sloth and more. We then wrote a book review about one the stories we had listened to. We also had a go at sketching our favourite Eric Carle book character. We will continue taking inspiration from his art over the next few weeks and look forward to making collages in the style of his work.

Year 1 Art - Royal Self-Portraits

The children have completed their finishing touches to their royal self-portraits. They really enjoyed creating their own crown and drew round the templates carefully. We are sure you will agree, we have some budding artists in the making!

Year 1 Art

The children in Year 1 have been working hard and learning lots of new skills to make their own Royal Self Portraits. They have been colour mixing to create their own skintone, sketching to draw facial features and also using hot & cold colours to create radiating lines...Keep your eyes peeled as we will post photographs of their final pieces next week. We are so impressed with how they are coming along!

DT in Year 1

The children have worked so hard in their DT sessions this half term. They have learnt about two types of mechanisms called a lever and slider. They all learnt to create a moving rocket picture first with a lever mechanism. The children then designed their own Christmas card design using their choice of mechanism. As you can see we ended up with some fantastic designs and moving Christmas cards!  Well done Year 1! We hope your families love their Christmas cards & Merry Christmas everyone!

Fruit Kebabs

Last week in Year 1 we all planned, designed and made fruit kebabs in out Design Technology lessons. The children loved choosing their favourite fruits and practicing their cutting skills. Then we carefully threaded them onto kebab sticks. I'm sure the children will agree that their favourite part was getting to eat them at the end! We were very lucky to have the fresh fruit donated to us by Wootton Sainsburys and the chopping boards and kebab sticks were donated to us by Tesco.

First Week in Year 1

The children in Year 1 have settled in amazingly and have had lots of fun in their new classes. It has been a pleasure to get to know all of the children and it has been lovely to see them already growing in confidence and making new friends. On Friday the children were very excited to find messages left in the classrooms and went on a hunt to find the 'Super Veggies' - the clues led them to a book called 'Supertato'. The children have already enjoyed making capes for vegetables, creating wanted posters and painting the illustrations from the book. The fun with 'Supertato' will continue next week...

Seals & Penguins enjoyed their end of year treat. They made chocolate dinosaur nests and had a play in the park together. Well done Seals & Penguins, you've all been superstars this year! Keep being super in Year 2!

Seals Trip to Dino Park

Wow, what a day! Seals class had a fantastic day on their first school trip. They loved their ride in the coach and were so excited on arrival. First of all the children set off on a boat ride around the dinosaur swamp and spotted lots of different dinosaurs. They then took to the sky on the observation tower ride which was higher than the dinosaurs and the trees. Lots of children showed such courage and bravery! After lunch the children enjoyed slime making, biscuit decorating and fossil hunting. The children were very excited to find giant ammonite fossils as well as huge dinosaur footprints. We ended the day with a visit to the farm animals, reptile centre and a play in the parks. 

A couple of quotes from the day 'This is the best day ever!'  'I love Dino Park I want to stay here forever!' 

The children and staff had a great day. The staff were very proud of all the children's behaviour on their first trip. Well done and thank you Seals!

Penguin School Trip

Yesterday Penguin class had a fantastic day at Dino Land. We enjoyed our first coach trip this year and were very excited to arrive and start exploring! We enjoyed a boat trip spotting dinosaurs in and around the water and finding out fascinating facts. We had a stroll through the tree top walk and went up very high in the observation tower to see how many dinosaurs we could spot from the sky! After a much needed lunch break we went on to make dinosaur slime and hunt for fossils in the sand, just like real paleontologists! Lastly, we decorated and ate a biscuit too. We also had time to visit the farm area, the insect garden and the play area! It was a jam packed day and we enjoyed every second of it! Every member of Penguins class was very well behaved and had a fantastic time, well done!

Pelican School Trip

Pelicans had a fabulous trip to Dinosaur Land on Wednesday.  We were all very excited, even before the coach had arrived!  The day was full of fun and adventure.  We started with a walk through the treetops trying to spot as many dinosaurs as we could.  Next we went to the farm to see all the animals and we even got to stroke a few.  After that was the boat trip where we got very close to some fabulous dinosaurs.  Once we were back on dry land it was time for the observation tower which was very high!  From here we went for a much needed picnic lunch before starting the afternoon activities.  We made our own volcanoes, visited the reptile house, decorated biscuits (and ate them!) and then went digging for fossils.  We even managed to squeeze in a play in the park before heading back to school.  The children were all amazing and we had a fantastic time.  Well done Pelicans and thank you for a wonderful day.

Turtles Trip

Turtles had a roarsome school trip to the dinosaur park! We started the day with whoops of excitement as the coach pulled out of Harris Way. As soon as we arrived the children got stuck into a morning full of activities including a prehistoric river tour, a trip to the top of the observation tower (we all needed courage here), a visit to the farm animals and a treetop exploration. We then enjoyed our packed lunches and refueled ready for our fun filled afternoon which included a visit to the reptile house, biscuit decorating, fossil hunting and volcano making. The children were impeccably behaved, showing off their Wootton Lower School values and making us very proud of them. Thank you for such a fantastic day Turtles!

What a week! Activity week has been a blast and the children have thoroughly enjoyed trying out new activities. Year 1 learnt to 'Walk like an Eygptian' in Dance, learn to play percussion instruments from around the world, took part in some art activities, had a fantastic sports day and inter sports afternoon as well as learning some first aid and scootering tricks! Well done Year 1, you have been amazing!

Pelicans & Turtles: 

Seals & Penguins:

Enchanted Woodland 

 The children in Year 1 have continued to enjoy the topic of 'Enchanted Woodland'. They have particularly enjoyed learning about plants and each child planted a sunflower seed - they were amazed by how quickly some of the seeds started to germinate. The children also created a 3D flower and labelled the different parts of a plant. In Art, the children had the opportunity to develop their sketching skills to enable them to create their final piece - a wire sculpture bird, which the children showed great determination in making their bird stand up!

Year 1 have made a brilliant start to their new topic.  They have been learning all about woodland animals and they even made their own nests using materials that they found around the school grounds.  This week they all went for a walk to the woods where they got to create their own woodland crowns. 

Year 1 thoroughly enjoyed their Animal Edge visit. They had the chance to hold a bunny, stroke a guinea pig, brush a pony and feed some hungry goats!