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Art and Design at Wootton Lower School

At Wootton Lower, we are passionate that all children should be entitled to the many wonderful opportunities the Arts have to offer and we aim to use the creative curriculum as a tool to inspire children, engage their curiosity and encourage the Arts throughout their learning. In turn, allowing our pupil’s to showcase their learning in varied ways and ensure their learning is memorableWe also offer a range of extra curricular activities and clubs within the Arts for both KS1 and KS2 children. Individual sketchbooks allow children time to practise new and existing skills as well as develop a sense of individuality and self-expression.

Celebrating Art (Our Online Gallery)


Creativity takes courage
Henri Matisse

Can you help?

Do you have skills and talents within the Arts?
Would you be willing to share these skills with either our pupils or staff?
If the answer is yes to both of these above, please get in contact with Miss Mitri as we would love to collaborate and work with you, should you feel comfortable.

Useful Links and Resources

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Examples of outstanding pieces of art completed by other children. Also a platform for ideas for your own art projects. - National Gallery of Art for Children

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