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Year 4 News

Butterfly Watercolour Painting

Using images, Year 4 have been developing their watercolour skills in art by painting butterfly wings.  This is just a sample of their beautiful work.

Roman Mosaic Art

The children in Year 4 have been working hard designing and making mosaics inspired by Ancient Roman examples as well as art work by local Bedfordshire artist Dionne Ible.  

A great start for Year 4

The children have had a busy first two weeks in Year 4.  This has included awesome animal art using mixed media, science investigations on solids, liquids and gases (sporting their new lab coats of course) and a super Values Day exploring the six school values of respect, perseverance, equality, teamwork, kindness and honesty.

Year 4 Summer News (2023) 

Roman Day

Year 4 had a Magnus Dies (great day) as Roman citizens.  They created their own brooches, laurel wreaths and shields which they put to good use marching and creating a Testudo (tortoise formation).  They finished the day with a Roman banquet, eating, drinking and playing games. 

Exploring Electrical Circuits

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about the components of electrical circuits and exploring ways to make a burglar alarm for a museum, using different conductive objects and materials.