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Year 4 News

Working with Clay

Year 4 Enter have been busy in their Art lessons looking at different vase designs.  They have practiced the skills and techniques in order to create their own clay vase.  While they are not quite finished yet, the children have made fantastic progress as you can see...


This half term Year 4 have become sound engineers and scientists.  The children have shown great team work and scientific skills each week in their Science lessons. They have been fascinated with measuring volume on a decibel meter and have even found that socks make good sound insulators! 

A great topic to start the year.  Well done Year 4!

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Sharks Class made some fantastic mosaic designs inspired by a local artist, Dionne Ible!

Science afternoon goes with a bang!


This afternoon Shark's class were investigating the ways in which sound travels through solids, liquids and gases.  Great fun was had by all!


Last week the children in Year 4 had a great time undertaking their first Bikeability course.  They had a superb time and learnt many new skills!