Our highly committed and valued staff, working in partnership with parents, governors and all stake-holders will ensure Wootton Lower School is where:

 - effective teamwork forms the basis of professional and motivated staff who always put children first

- a caring ethos nurtures positive relationships, with all  equally valued, celebrated and proud of achievements

- an engaging, relevant and fun curriculum ensures children are well prepared for education, work and life

-  a culture of challenge and high expectation is promoted to maximise individual potential

- an awareness of self, community and global issues fosters responsible behaviour with respect for all

- children are taught in a stimulating learning environment where high quality resources are paramount


Our aim is to create a caring community in which your child can feel happy and secure and where your child’s intellectual and physical potential can develop to the full, thus equipping them for life in the modern world.

We aim to:

- provide a happy, safe and stimulating environment where each child can enjoy learning

- provide opportunities and experiences where each child can acquire knowledge, develop concepts, skills understanding and lay the foundations for the future

- enable all our pupils to develop into successful,  motivated learners who excel

- nurture and develop every child to become  responsible and caring members of the community

- work in genuine partnership with families and the wider community

- provide for every child an enjoyable curriculum in a  high quality, stimulating environment

- challenge, support and develop our staff to  create an outstanding team.



At Wootton Lower School we believe that values are a vital part of children’s education. It is our belief that values determine our thinking and our behaviour.

Our twelve values are:

- Positivity                                            - Love

- Patience                                            - Hope

- Friendship                                        - Trust

-  Humility                                          - Perseverance

- Honesty                                            - Respect

- Teamwork                                       - Courage


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Wootton Lower School

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