The Governors make decisions about how the school is run and they meet together regularly, at least once per term, as a full committee and also in smaller separate working parties and sub-committees .

Our Governing Body comprises parents, community members, local authority members and staff members. They are all responsible for a 4 year term of office and have legal duties, powers and considerable responsibilities.


A message from our Co-Chair of Governors

The school’s governing body takes a keen interest in all aspects of school life. Governors are accountable to the Local Authority for the overall performance of the school and for the effective use of its delegated funds.

We are responsible to parents, pupils and the community served by the school for the good education of the pupils and responsible also to the staff as good employers. Governors take these duties seriously. Regular visits to the school ensure that we have first-hand impressions of the feel of the school and the flavour of its work and also demonstrates to the staff that we are interested in what they do and that we  understand their work. Individual governors have been encouraged to build specific links with a particular  curriculum area, whilst there are also governors nominated to take a further interest in Special Educational Needs provision and in Health and Safety issues. Given the breadth of its overall responsibility and in the interest of efficient decision making, the governing body delegates certain business to sub-committees and these currently cover Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, Health & Safety and Buildings.

The governing body represents a cross section of the community and includes 4 members directly elected by parents. In all matters requiring the expertise of education professionals, lay members are of course able to seek advice from the Head Teacher and, if necessary, from the Local Authority.

If you need to know more about the school, then please feel free to contact any of us.

John Wheeler

Co-Chair of Governors

Wootton Lower School

Believe - Achieve - Thrive

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Our Governing Body 
Helen O'Neal – Chair of Governors 
James Turner – Vice Chair of Governors
Paul Woodman - Chair of Resources Committee
Kerrie Gobindram - Chair of the Standards Committee

Cllr John Wheeler
Sarah Bartishel
Chris Tavener
Wendy Burnett
Leanne Grove
Diane Collier
David Goodson
Ruth Rowse
Tony Ireland
 Clerk: Alison Jackson